Thursday, 14 June 2012

new setup

I've been looking the best place for a keyboard on my desk and every setup makes me sick - underneath, on a side, aggghhrrr! so uncomfortable with preety huge size of Cintiq 24. So finally, it led me to this ;)


  1. That's a pretty creative use of a whatchamacallit. I think this is what you are looking for

    A Cintiq 24HD Keyboard Tray

  2. Wow, thanks. I didn't know that something like this exist. Let me see..50 bucks for a piece of plastic? hmm ;)

  3. The acryclic, felt, rubber, velcro and laser cutting run about 20$ - but that's breaking down the cost based on materials run in quantity like full 4X8 sheet runs of laser cutting. Takes about an hour to make one if you have a strip heater for bending. Make sure you cover your Cintiq 24HD with a non heat conductive material if you plan on heat forming acrylic on it though. Would suck to go through all that trouble to save 30 bucks and ruin your tablet.

  4. I understand, but living in Poland so shipping takes some tens of $ more :( But it looks preety nice and aesthetically.

  5. Oh, to Cintiq, jak ja długo o tym marzyłam... a nie, przepraszam, to nadal moje marzenie : D Właśnie znalazłam Twojego bloga, myślę,że muszę się mu dłużej przyjrzeć. Tak z ciekawości, pracujesz jako grafik?

    1. Ano pracuję jako grafik, choć nie przepadam za tym określeniem

  6. Damnn isnt this pretty hard to... używac klawiszy skrótowych w programach graficznych.
    ja miałem to szczescie ze 200 cm biurka w szerokosci.